The First Bioclimatic Holiday Village Tenerife}

Posted on June 28th, 2017

The first bioclimatic holiday village – Tenerife



Tenerife is the largest island of Canary Islands which is the archipelago in Spain, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. With less than on million inhabitants on the island, each year, Tenerife has the charm to attract around five million tourists, which makes it one of the most popular tourism resorts throughout Spain and which may account for the fact that Tenerife is the only island in Spain that has two airports.

Island of Eternal Spring

Actually, Tenerife is situated around 800 miles from mainland Spain and 185 miles from the coast of Africa. With the highest elevation all around Spain, Tenerife is a volcanic island which has had four recorded vicinal eruption in history. On the other hand, the island is also rugged, the highest point of which is Mount Teide, which is even a World Heritage Site.

Due to its geographical position, Tenerife is known universally as Island of Eternal Spring. Even it is on the same latitude of Sahara Desert, under the influence of tradewinds, the island enjoys a warm climate all the year round. In winter, the average temperature is from 20 to 22C; while in summer, the temperature fluctuates from 26 to 28C with long hour sunshine. Therefore, a lot of tourists from the northern Europe come to Tenerife to seek for a warm winter.

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The north part of the island seems to have less sunshine and more cloud, but still dont forget to take the high factor sun tan lotions and potions for protection against the intensity of the sun covered by the cloud.

The first bioclimatic holiday village

What is the latest and most exciting news about Tenerife is that it is going to be the first bioclimatic holiday village in the world. There have been 25 housed there, all of which are energy self-sufficient yet supplied with different technologies. Each of them is different from another. The concept of this experiment is to see if we can achieve sustainability in daily life. These houses are not only for tourists as temporary shelters but for science laboratories as we want to see which technologies will be more efficient via a series of sensors which will send feedback information consistently from each house.

Two airports

There are two international airports on the island of Tenerife, namely Los Rodeos Airport Tenerife or also known as North Airport and Reina Sofia Airport also called Tenerife South Airport.

Tenerife North Airport is situated 11 km by road from Santa Cruz which is the capital of the Canary Islands. Nowadays, it has become the traffic hub of the island which connected all seven Canary Islands.

Tenerife South Airport is located in the municipality of Granadilla de Abona which is in the south of the island.

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The first bioclimatic holiday village – Tenerife }