The Best Granite Color For Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Posted on July 7th, 2017

By Scott Hares

The great appeal of granite for kitchen counter tops comes from it’s many variations in patterns, shades, and colors of the stone. The industry has standardized the colors and patterns of stones with names that make it easy for us to refer to when ordering or comparing.

Absolute Black is a sheen that is glossy black. The color tone does not change over the entire stone. It is highly polished to mirror like brightness and possesses a beautiful stark quality that makes it stand out. Absolute black granite is one of the biggest selling types of decorative granite. It is mined primarily from Australia, South Africa, India and Sweden.

Azule – this are actually many different types of this granite. The name can vary depending on which country the granite came from. So far as decorative granite, Azule is the second most popular in the world.

As the name suggests azule granites usually take on a blueish shade, with marking patterns in gray, white, black or tones of blue. Azule comes from mostly from Spain and Brazil.

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White – the white granite has many different shades of white. Names can vary for this granite too depending on the country of origin. For example Big white flower is a white granite from Guandong China. It consists mainly of white, gray, and black markings. While a variation on white, Bianco is more ivory shade in color. This granite is mined mostly in Italy or Brazil.

Copper or Gold – these metallic colors makes them very attractive for some installations. They can be mined through out the world, and are usually intermixed with marks of white black or gray. South America is large source of these granites, although the can be mined anywhere in the world.

Green shades – these shades of granite are probably the most variable when it comes to accompanying colors. Most of the other colors discussed vary little in the accompanying colors, but not when it comes to green. Gray and rose colors accompany Indian Forest green, while blue and aqua colors can be found in Norwegian Perl green. While Verde Bahia has cold mixed in and comes from Brazil, Olive green has sold block stripes with the green and comes from South Africa.

Rose – red shaded granites are a good choice too. Normal red and crimson are popular. Rose shaded granite, tends to be more rare than most other colors of. Shades can range from lavender to pink in base and accompanying colors are usually soft and soothing like white or a light pale shade of gold. Rose granite can sometimes be found with clashing colors such as a dark gray which contrasts with the light rose colors. Rose granites are primarily from China and Brazil.

These are just a very small sample of some of the most popular granite colors. With so many variations to chose from there’s no doubt that if one of these popular colors doesn’t fit your kitchen remodeling decor, then there’s sure to be something available at your local granite shop that will.

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