How to clean reclaimed wood

Old and reclaimed wood from barns, buildings, and historical sites can breathe new life into a home. In addition, it looks cool and when you know the story behind the wood, it can get even cooler. But whether you are buying the wood reclaimed from a hardware store or picking it up from a vendor, it’s important to know how to clean it.

Rustic planks are wellÂ… they are rustic, and before you use those planks to build a table or a floor, cleaning them is a priority to keep you safe and to keep the wood looking nice. If the wood is to be used as a floor, then go through each stack and remove any old nails, tacks, or bits of metal. If it’s going to be a wall, furniture, or another item, keep them in at your preference.

Then use a dishwashing soap, latex gloves for grip, and a large brush to scrub the wood down. You can place the wood on blocks or sawhorses, and then use a mix of the soap and water to scrub the wood. The easiest way to do this, especially if you have a lot of wood to handle, is to wash wood that is the same length together.

Use the brush to scrub off any dirt and grime, and using something like an old toothbrush will help to get rid of anything the bigger brush can’t reach. Then rinse the boards with a hose and by the time you are done, the wood should be shiny and will dry in the sun while you work on the other pieces.

Rustic planks

Then the dry wood can be stacked and stored in a dry environment until it is ready to be put into use for your next construction project.