Types of Fabrication Services

Many companies depend on metal fabrication services to keep their company afloat. No matter the size of your business or the items coming off the assembly line, metal fabrication could benefit you in many ways. However, there are several types of fabrication available. We’ll take a look at some of the most common types of metal fabrication baytown tx below.

Folding: Folding fabrication services allow a part to bend. The brake press is the most common type of folding fabrication machine, but there are several others.

Shearing: Shearing is another fabrication process. It is a simple process that cuts a long strip on a piece of metal. This process of fabricating works best on sheet metal.

Machining: A machining fabrication removes the metal from the material. A cutting machine is generally used to remove the metal.

Cutting: The saw is the tried and true cutting technique but there are numerous other options also available today. These options include laser cutting, plasma torch cutting, and water jetting.

Welding: Welding joins two pieces of metal together and is used for a variety of purposes and products in manufacturing, automobiles, and many other sectors. There are many different types of welding that can be used in many different applications.

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Punching: Punching is another commonly used type of fabrication that many businesses need to create their products. Punching creates a hole in a piece of material using a punch and die technique. The punch and die must be the same dimensions as the hole.

This isn’t a full list of the types of metal fabrication processes, but does look at the most popular techniques.  Many new fabrication techniques offer new ways to further thrive from this process. If you want more information, talk to a fabrication expert to discover firsthand which of these techniques is right for you!